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What is a Garden Pod?

The garden office pod is an insulated garden office that is usually located in a small garden or back yard. Since the pandemic, working from home in a stand alone space has become much more normal, especially as modern communications makes home working easy and efficient. The explosion in the amount of people that have the desire to work from home means that the garden office pod has grown as the popular design for those looking for a small dedicated outside work space for year round use. Here at Warwick Buildings, we can help you if need a cheap garden office pod, or a small garden office at a cost effective price, as we deliver and install the best garden office pods in the UK. 

Our Garden Office Pods

Our work from home pods are designed to be used all year round, as an additional space in the garden for working at home. Because they are fully insulated, include double glazing and electrics, it means that you can use it for a dedicated work space, away from the main distractions in the house. All of our small garden office buildings only need a small heater in the winter for it to be your super cosy. That provides you with a super efficient work space that you can simply lock up and leave. We offer plenty of choice in the garden office pod world from our set designed 'Box Office', the 'Professional Pod' and the 'Posh Pod' known as the Elegance, not forgetting the Micro Pod range. Find out more here.


Benefits of a Small Garden Office

If you already work from home, you will be acutely aware of the distractions that working in the spare room, kitchen or lounge, still induce. What with the washing machine, TV, kids, pets, and the constant reminder of the chores, how people get to concentrate without dedicated work space is certainly a frustration to both employers and employees. If you don't work from home yet, the costs of commuting is not only monetary, but also impacts on the time you have with your family. And talking of family, the cost of childcare could easily challenge the cost of a small garden office. So whilst having a pod in the garden is not as expensive as you think, it actually increases the value of your home, and makes it much more attractive to potential buyers if you intend to move on in the future. Remember, it isn't a garden shed that you'll be working from, this is a dedicated work space in the garden that can be set up to inspire you, giving you the perfect lock up and leave office space in the garden.

Person working on a laptop
But how much are they?

Our small garden offices start at just £7500. That's for a fully insulated garden office with double glazing and electrics. Compare that to the average commuting cost for a Ford Focus driver which is £4,800 per year ( and you can see just how economical the garden pod is. Not only does it add value to your home, but it could pay for itself in less than two years.

Garden Office Pod Designs

We have three Garden Pod designs, all of which have a sloping roof to the back of the building, plus the Micro Pod range which offers additional garden office designs in small sizes.

the box office garden pod.JPG

The Box Office

Fit for a film star, the 'Box Office' is a garden office pod that is available in 8 sizes. Aiming at those who like a clever design with no frills, this garden pod includes a window and a patio door, along with laminate floor and electrics. It is the perfect garden office pod for one person and fits neatly into the corner of any garden. From just £9,000

The Professional's Pod

Built for those who like a modern sleek design, with the ability to create a unique design. It is available in 21 sizes from a small single person pod, right up to a 4 person garden room. Fully insulated for year round use, the garden office pods include wiring, double glazing and laminate flooring, so you can be working from home in no time. With the garden office pod quickly becoming the UK's home working garden space of choice, there's no better time to design your very own garden pod using our free online configurator tool. Professional  Pods start at £10,000

Elegance - hi-res.jpg

The Posh Pod

The Posh Pod - otherwise known as the Elegance Range, is clad in vertical cedar and features the full length porch across the front. The symmetrical appearance is a winner for those looking for an elegant garden office pod with a touch of class. With the doors in the middle, it is a perfect building to combine a working space and a relaxing environment within the same room. The Elegance starts at £11,000

Micro Pods

The working from home market is growing bigger and bigger, but the spaces that we are installing the buildings are getting smaller and smaller as the desire for the garden office pod snowballs. To help combat the problem with space, we've created the Micro Pod range to offer a work from home solution for those with small back gardens, or terraced houses. To see how we can create a space for you from just £7500

Micro Pods - Garden Office Pods

Visit our showroom

Get a close up look at the garden offices pods, at our show centre in Warwickshire. We have 19 buildings that are located both indoors and outdoors, for you to peruse at your leisure with a tea or coffee. 

It's time to think 'Inside the Box'

The Box Office - from Warwick Buildings

What will your Garden Office Pod be?

Garden Office Pods
are the perfect solution for


  • Home Working Spaces

  • Home Business

  • Nail Bars

  • Hairdressing Salons

  • Garden Gyms

  • Craft Rooms

  • Home Cinemas

  • Yoga Studios

  • Garden Bars

  • Games Rooms

Work From Home With an Outside Garden Office Pod

Over the last few years, there has been a clear move toward working from home, which looks set to continue into the future. A garden office can be a great way to create a workspace in your own garden.


A Home Office wthin your garden

A garden room can be used to make a fully-featured home office, with everything you could need to work from home. A garden office can help your work-life balance, with a clear divide between your home and your workspace. It can also boost your mood to work within your garden, with stunning views and fresh air around you. A larger outdoor garden room could even be used to run a home business, with enough space for multiple employees to work.

Lets have a look inside

How do I decorate my Garden Office Pod

The back wall looks amazing as a feature wall, especially with contrasting skirting and trims. You could even add your own Acupanel to the ceiling (from the Wood Veneer Hub)which is what our customer has done to finish the inside of this garden pod. 

how to decorate your garden office pod.jpg
the box office.JPG

Make it personal

Design a garden pod that works for you

This garden pod has a sliding door that opens up the middle of the building, and also features a side screen in the corner to get the most of the natural light from the garden. Vertical cedar cladding makes this pod look amazing.

How is the pod constructed?

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Garden Pod Specifications


Fully Insulated

100mm thick cassettes create a solid foundation to work from. Tanalised framing is filled with 75mm Celotex and lined with 15mm WBP plywood. Cross battens underneath provide an airflow between the concrete pad and the floor. Laminate flooring finishes the inside to provide a smart, easy clean finish.  


Structurally Insulated Panels

Scandinavian redwood framing provides the basis of the wall structure with vertical studwork at 600mm centres. Externally lined with a vapour barrier before the customers choice of cladding is added. The cavity is filled with a choice of Celotex or Acoustic Rockwool insulation before being internally lined with the vertical groove lining board. 


5 Layer System

Roof cassettes are 120mm thick giving a 9mm birch faced plywood interior finish. The 100mm framing creates a cavity for the Celotex or Rockwool insulation before a 12mm OSB board is fitted on top. The roof is skinned with a breathable membrane before covered with a plastisol coated metal roof for a 30 year lifespan. Colour coded aluminium trims complete the sleek look of the roof.

Internal Dimensions

Sloping wall design

Buildings sizes are external dimensions. Please remove 200mm from the width and the depth to calculate the internal dimensions. Garden office pods are 2200mm high at the front of the building and 2000mm at the back of the building. This is tall enough at the back for a majority of Ikea office storage equipment.


Integrated wiring within panels

Hidden neatly in the structural panel is all the wiring for the inclusive two double sockets, and the light switch. All faceplates are recessed, as are the spotlights or LED panel that are housed in the roof cassettes. Additional sockets can be purchased, and the location of the plugs and switches can be requested prior to manufacture. 


Who builds the Garden Pod

There's no need to worry about what sections go where as we've included the assembly within the price. As long as you are there to show where it is located in the garden, our team will install the new pod in the garden onto your concrete or paving slab base. 


Does a garden pod need a base

The garden office pod will require a ground supported base in the form of a concrete pad or paving slab area. This will provide a solid foundation for the new office and needs to be flat, smooth and level. Alternatively ground screws can be used to create a wooden platform which acts as the garden pod floor.   

Can you do the base

In house solutions

Concrete pads and paving slab bases are the best solution for groundwork, and we do have plenty of contacts to create a suitable base for you. If however, you prefer to keep it in house, we offer a ground screw base to customers within a 30 mile radius. 

Other Garden Office Designs

As well as being a leading manufacturer of Garden Office Pods, we are also well known for all types of garden rooms, garden offices and insulated home office buildings. For more information on these products click the direct links to the full Warwick Buildings website. 

Where do we deliver to?

We supply and install Garden Rooms and Offices in the following counties Avon, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland,​Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire


Based in the heart of the midlands, Warwick Offices have manufactured and installed over 10,000 garden rooms, and offices since we were established in 1988. We have supplied and installed buildings as far as Denmark, whilst a couple of our buildings have been delivered to the Falkland Islands as site huts to watch the penguins. Within the mainland UK, we have installed 3 miles from Lands End, and 6 miles from John O'Groats, as well as the Isle of Islay on the west coast. 

With the explosion in the popularity of the Garden Office Pod, and work from home buildings, Warwick Offices has grown nicely on their privately owned site, installing a large indoor showroom in addition to the outside display area that offers customers the chance to see the buildings in the flesh before purchase.


In addition to the showroom, the easy to use online configurator allows customers to tweak the design and requirements so that a bespoke building can be cost effectively tailored from the cost of a standard model by simply adding optional extras. Our unique design process also keeps assembly time on site to a minimum, saving the customer thousands in labour and travel costs. 


Warwick Offices is a family owned company, and is proud to still employ some of the staff that have been there since the outset, culminating in the experience, quality and service that can't be beaten for price. 


So if you are looking to have a popular design such as a garden studio, garden room, insulated garden office with electrics, or garden office pod, then we have just what you are looking for at an affordable price. If however you require a more specific design such as a garden office with shed, pilates studio, garden gym, yoga studio, or artist studio then simply use the configurator or contact us to create the insulated garden room that suits your needs. 


Nightingale Lane, Long Itchington, Southam, CV47 9QZ

01926 815757

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