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Electric Cables

Insulated Garden Offices

with electrics included

Where are the wires

Hidden in the cavity

Can I add more sockets

Can I have spotlights

Yes - you have a choice of downlights or LED panel lights, both recessed into the ceiling.

Who does the connections

All wires, faceplates, lights, and the fuse board are included within the price. You will need a qualified electrician to do the final connections and certificate.

Do all garden office pods include electrics?

There is nothing worse than buying your dream insulated garden pod, only to find out that you have to add trunking to the walls in order to have lights and sockets. Who wouldn't want the wiring within the cavity, neatly hidden with the sockets recessed into the walls. That's what we do at Warwick Buildings... All of our garden office pods include pre fitted wires that are within the wall, ready for final connections. What's more is, the ceilings can accommodate either spotlights or LED panels, to compliment the modern look, taking away that shed like finish. Afterall, you are looking to have an extra room in the garden not a posh shed to work from home in. The electrics are cleverly connected together so that you can easily add to the ring main if you need another socket after installation, and in todays modern times, you can even connect the lights to your phone to control the ambiance from outside the building.

Garden Office Pod Electrics

Garden Office Pods design
Garden Office Pod Sketch

What are my socket choices?

What are LED Panels

Can I have spotlights

You can choose the amount of sockets that you have, along with the colour and the height providing it is prior to manufacture. You can also upgrade to USB sockets, which are perfect if you need to charge your phone or i-Pad when sitting at your desk.

The LED panels give the impression of a skylight, especially when the daylight colour panels are selected. On the garden office pods, they are neatly recessed into the roof cavity and are finished with a smart looking white frame. Please note that we don't offer dimmable panels.

If you prefer to target specific areas with your lighting, then spotlights are the ideal solution. They can be dimmable and angled to shine light in the exact location, and can often be set up to communicate with apps on your mobile phone. You can also have both spots and LED panels within the same building if you just can't decide. 

What about the fuse board

The consumer unit (fuse box) includes two breakers and a spare space for another fuse. The lighting circuit is wired to one fuse (6amp) and the ring main is wired to the other (16 amp). The spare fuse is often used by customers who add a direct feed for a heater, using a switched spur for the power outlet to the radiator. We recommend a 6mm armoured cable from your house to provide the power to the garden pod.  

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