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Garden Office Pods

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Small garden office pods that are practical and stylish, from the UK’s best value, garden office company.

A small garden office pod set in a landscaped garden
Garden Office Pods - The modern way to work from home

The trend of garden office pods is on the rise for contemporary home-based work. These pods not only represent a valuable investment in your home and living space, but are an attractive and desirable addition to your lifestyle.

Our range of eight garden office designs can be constructed as small as 2.6m x 1.8m, making them the ideal solution for small home working spaces, especially as they are hand crafted using top quality materials to make them a comfortable and professional office space that can be used throughout the year.

Professional garden office pod
Stylish and professional

What is a garden office pod?

A garden office pod is a small garden building that serves as a modern home office. These pods are completely detached from the house, providing an advantage over spare rooms or the kitchen table. When working from home, small garden office pods are not only practical, but also provide professional and modern working environment, as well as adding a beautiful feature to your home and garden. There are numerous compelling reasons why our customers require a pod in the garden, and since 1994, we have been installing insulated garden rooms for customers to relax, entertain, and work from home in. With our experience, quality and outstanding service, we can certainly help your new garden office space become a reality.

Garden office pod kitted out for two people
Small garden office pods create the perfect work-life balance

What are the benefits of a small garden office pod?

Because our garden pods are designed to be freestanding from the main house, this innovative approach to building means that they do not require planning permission or building regulations. That makes them a quick, hassle-free addition to your garden, without the complexities associated with traditional home extensions. The detached nature of our garden pods offers numerous advantages for you and your family. Firstly they are assembled within a single day, so disruption to your routine is minimal. After that, you benefit from a private office environment which an ideal space to focus and concentrate, free from the distractions that the home creates. Furthermore, at the end of the day, you can simply lock the doors of your garden pod and leave work behind, promoting a healthy work-life balance. As for your family, they can carry on as normal without needing to tiptoe silently around you as you work, ensuring that everyone can go about their daily routines without disruption.

Garden office pod at home in it's surroundings
Built in a single day - a garden office pod already looks at home in it's surroundings

Achieve Work-Leisure Balance:

One of the challenges of working from home is the difficulty in separating work and home life. We often play multiple roles in our daily lives, and the person we are at work may not necessarily be the same as the person we are at home, and blurring the lines between these two identities can be challenging. To help maintain a clear separation between home and work, our garden pods offer a simple and cost effective solution for achieving success in modern home working.

Garden office pod with between glass blinds
A garden Office Pod is a modern and stylish addition to your home

Concise and functional. Garden office pods possess a compact size, rendering them highly adaptable to virtually any garden. Given the scarcity of garden space in the UK, particularly in larger cities, their small stature allows for the office to be tucked away, freeing up the majority of the garden for more conventional purposes. Our contemporary and sophisticated garden pods are meticulously crafted to providing a unique setting that maximises space at home.

Garden office pod in the corner of the garden
Utilise your redundant spot in the garden with an office pod

Customise your garden office pod

The garden office pods can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences, both internally and externally. We offer a variety of sizes, widths, depths, and heights to choose from, and strive to include all essential features in the price, without any hidden costs. The external appearance of the pod can be tailored to blend in or stand out, depending on your style and building plans. Options for customisation include cladding, window designs, doors, lighting, decking, and more. Internally, the garden pod is already equipped with lighting, electrical sockets and laminate flooring, so all that is needed is decoration and furniture to finish your fabulous design. Our sales staff are available to collaborate with you, to ensure that your building is tailored to your exact specifications and requirements.

Internal view of a garden office pod
Garden office pods are big enough for two people

Add value to your property

Our garden rooms serve as an extension to your home, constructed with the same high-quality materials and standards as a newly built home. They are designed to last for at least 25 years, and are backed by a 10-year guarantee for quality, design and build. Our customers have often purchased garden offices specifically to increase the value and speed up the sale of their homes.

Garden office pod with a bi-fold door
Open up the garden with a bi-fold door

The garden pod is for year round use

Our garden office pods are warm, dry, and comfortable for year-round use, being a luxurious alternative to even the most upscale log cabins and sheds. Internally they can look just as if you were still in the house, and with top of the range insulation in the floor, roof and walls, our garden office pods maintain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Our breathable vapour barrier also prevents dampness and keeps your building dry.

Our doors and windows are double glazed with Argon filled Pilkington K glass, featuring a Planitherm layer and 14mm spacer for maximum efficiency.

Work from home space in the garden
A garden office pod is smart and professional

Smart and Professional

The garden office pod presents a distinctive and exclusive solution for a home office. This designated workspace can be customised to your preferences, and can a completely different scheme to that of your house. Because it is separate from the home, you can adorn the office with any decor that inspires you to concentrate, providing you with a professional advantage over other home workers that work in the kitchen of a bedroom. Free from the distractions of your household, this allows you to conduct video conference calls with confidence, knowing that you will not be interrupted by unexpected guests. Furthermore, your garden pod ensures the safety and security of your office equipment as we include insurance-grade locking systems on all doors and windows. Additionally, you may enhance the privacy and safety of your garden office by selecting window and door blinds, which can be fitted neatly between the toughened glass units.

Painted garden office pod on timber decking
Paint your garden office pod to get a fabulous look

A quality garden office pod at a fair price

We endeavor to incorporate all necessary components into the cost of each garden office pod, without any undisclosed expenses. Typically, the only two additional considerations are the electrical connections of the garden pod to a power source, and the initial groundwork. The rationale for not including this in the initial price is often due to location of the customer. Often, an existing site can be utilised, or a local builder can create a pad much cheaper than an all-inclusive price that takes in the worst case scenario within the price. Distance from the power source for the garden pod also varies the connection cost considerably, hence it makes sense for a local electrician to provide a private quotation after visiting the site and talking through the options. We do have contacts for contractors who do a lot of work for our customers at competitive prices, should you require any or all of the additional services.

Now is the time to stay ahead of the curve and embrace a contemporary approach to work, and not only will a new garden office pod enhance your home, but it is certain to attract the admiration of your colleagues and neighbours. Contact us today and commence your project.


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